Wanna talk?

Someone’s here to listen.

Queer Walk has an email address to handle any questions or responses that you don’t wish to post on the blog. The matters discussed in this address inbox and outbox will be kept confidential. Please respect that this is for private and confidential matters of the heart in need of emotional support only. Anyone who might disagree with reason on the blog may state so publically. If u do not have the gut to state your disagreement publically it’s better to keep opinion all to yourself. If Queer Fight can respond to your confidential statements and questions sent to the private email address it would do so to the fullest of understanding and ability. If Queer’s Fight cannot respond to these it will brought to the attention of helpful assistance and responded to. Guys in need of emotional support please hang in there! This can be won!

Email our inbox.

Express yourself.

  1. Vicky says:

    When will February 2013 be on for reading? I like to read what you have to say… Thanks for sharing your heart.

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