If the catchphrase promoted on this page as well as the related category isn’t fit for your age please refrain from reading posts on it.

This page as well as the associated category serves the out and proud gay man.

While updates herein will be kept non-offensive, issues that appear in this category will be discussed in freedom of speech. This is after all a Gay Rights Activism Blog and those who believe the content to be unpleasant please do not visit this address.

Queer’s fight for the Gay right discusses Gay Rights in an assertive opinion and has no control over the users who visit the blog address. Posts read on this blog are done so entirely by OWN FREE WILL.

I L♥VE C♂CK is a catchphrase associated with fun. The matters discussed in this category are those that remind us just what a heck of a time a gay man can have despite the despise of a homophobic world and its wife. It’s a performance of ballroom words mainly for those who ask if it would be worth coming out.

It might be about that kiss in the middle of the airport after admitting love to a man just before he got onto that plane… Yes… Everyone was staring… Yes… Some were even disgusted… But yes! The instant those fireworks took off you were shot away from the Milky Way.

It might be about that ocean cruise… The instant you walked your single self onto that ship all ye saw were them bodies that are so brown they must pick up that shade lying on the sun. You were served by many topless men in many bottomless ways. Everyone was looking… None even disgusted… And oh my!

It might be about the summer holiday you just came back from. Everyone was constantly dressed in swimwear. They were serving drinks and snacks off breathing male bodies that allowed your fingers wherever they wanted to walk. You remember that blue liquid looked so breathtaking running down brown muscles you’re actually considering the color combination for your bedroom now. Everyone was knocking on your door and made turns in taking you to the pool where you floated on the water among the candles. It was firework ceremonies… Music without end… Dancing with underwear models.

It might be about sitting in the front row of C. Klein’s latest ramp show, surrounded by waiters dressed in gladiator costume and you can’t move because… JUST LOOK AT WHAT I’M STARING AT!

It might be about the latest Gay Parade where you were dressed in your drag… Your shoe broke and you fell but in the arms of that handsome body builder. The two of you actually walked off your own way… Forgot about the parade… And it was love ever since.

It might be about that mother who could never stop being a bitch… And finally today… You told her to “bend over so that you can put your pedicure up her… And guess what mom! I don’t need you anymore!”

It might be about that dope standing behind you in the queue to the cinema. He thought he could be funny in front of his friends and made a few rude remarks to which you responded with such integrity… Everyone in line applauded you after the dope and his friends walked out with their heads lowered.

It’s about anything that tickles your a§§. It makes you smile as much as you could never be sad before. It makes you laugh as hard as you could never cry before. It builds you up like nothing or no one could ever break you down. It makes you dance in circles so wide the biggest ballroom floor won’t have enough space. It makes you fly so high you can’t even see earth. It lowers your jaw… It broadens your eyes… It makes you fall down onto that soft surface… It makes you raise your eyes to the softer clouds… It widens your smile… And it makes you shout: I am a man…


I! L♥VE! C♂CK!


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