Harlan Zuara Maroni

  • Born May 26 1988
  • Gay Rights Activist
  • Practices a profession in Image Consultation.

Harlan realized his attraction to the same sex at an age fit for primary school. He has always been involved in public speaking and debating and grew up with a well-mannered culture understanding.

Raised by a loving, affectionate mother who taught about understanding the needs of a fellow human, he has always shown an open-minded response to the non-aggressive rights, wants and needs of another

Shortly after his sixteenth birthday Harlan admitted his homosexuality to loved ones despite the thought that sometimes it would’ve been emotionally safer to hide. Some of the heartbreaking circumstances became parts expressed in some of the most picturesque stories he tells today.

Harlan entertains a passion in speculative series- and feature film script writing in gay rights activism.  At age 23 he completed:

  1.      A drama series of 8 seasons, each season enclosing 15 episodes.
  2.      A drama series of 1 season, enclosing 13 episodes.
  3.      7 Feature Film scripts in Drama genre.
  4.      2 Feature Film scripts in Action genre.
  5.      10 Feature Film scripts in Romance genre.

Apart from script writing he has also completed a number of songs with motivational message and composed the music to the lyrics himself. Some of these serve as title soundtracks to some of the completed scripts.

He has proposed his speculative work to local South-African producers but responses to his proposals were that there isn’t a lot of time for new production studies. Yet it was suggested that he proposes internationally because his work is complimented as:

  1.      Very pleasant reading material.
  2.      Skillful creative writing.
  3.      Multi-talented argument, most assuring to change negative response towards   homosexual rights into a positive.
  4.      Enchanting love affairs to prove that same sex love exists and can be respected.
  5.      Realistic script synopsis that can be related to.
  6.      Very appealing presentation, easy to read and understand.

Harlan writes at proper standards. His arts are well-prearranged, always methodical and generated to be assertive reason.

He believes that if these stories are shown to the world we can hope for a better tomorrow for a homosexual person in yelling need of help, love, support, devotion and proper understanding.

To date none of his arts have been brought to live on the screen just yet. Still he believes that someday his messages will be told… Minds will be changed… And lives will be renewed.

Anyone who might be in the position to help realize this dream is welcome to contact Harlan.

                                        “If you haven’t lived for another… You haven’t lived at all.”


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