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Thanks for all the ‘likes’!

Posted: January 10, 2013 in Vision

It seems that not all the blogs I visit offer the option to contact. Due to this reason I’m thanking the few who liked some of the posts. Please know that each means much. I also wish to thank the new followers for following me.

Have a good night and be safe.

Harlan Z. Maroni.


“Gay Wives”

Posted: January 10, 2013 in Vision

Refer to Halfway Mine.

They form a club who call themselves the Gay Wives. I read about them a few years ago. Like in the snip, these are all women who have been married to men that years deeper into the marriage, some after fathering a few children, admitted that they’re gay.

So they get together weekly, probably reminding themselves and each other about the agonizing discomfort they faced when their beloveds admitted their homosexuality. These women go about telling the world how much sadness they feel. I mean they contact magazines for crying out loud!! They feel that the world has to… Wishes to know about them while I’m sitting here actually giving a shit.

First let me say that I can understand their pain. I know a man shouldn’t paint a woman some fairytale if he isn’t really interested in her. I know he shouldn’t promise her all of her dreams if he understands that some time later he might dump her and it all for a man.

There are four parties involved here. 1. The woman who now tells the world what a misshapen her ex husband is after he finally gathered enough courage to admit something he hoped she would understand. 2. The ex husband who probably doesn’t wanna show his face anywhere because she made sure that none of their family, friends or acquaintances has time for him. As if this isn’t enough she has to contact a magazine globally published to tell the rest of those who really don’t care. 3. The ex husband’s new boyfriend who has been innocent all along but probably also gossiped about by her so dreadfully, it’s best he doesn’t introduce himself. 4. Society, the factual reason the ex husband stayed trapped in the closet and rather married a woman.

Sometimes I am astounded when I learn how involved society really is in every life. I truly believe that if there were more open minds towards homosexuality to start with, no man would have trashed a woman’s heart before being his true self.

Years ago homosexuality was a reason for arrest, but the Gay Wives wanna tell the world how hurt they are.

In some countries gay people were stoned to death, but the Gay Wives wanna tell the world how hurt they are.

In other countries gay people were hung by the neck on overhead cranes, but the Gay Wives wanna tell the world how hurt they are.

Let’s not imagine the lives that were burnt to death because they chose to love someone of the same sex because the Gay Wives wanna tell the world how hurt they are.

Let’s forget about parents who murdered their own children because they refused to live with a scandal, because the Gay Wives wanna tell the world how hurt they are.

Let’s not mention the amount of teenagers who committed suicide because they were too horrified to face their parents because the Gay Wives wanna tell the world how hurt they are.

Let’s not remember that gay people were chased out of countries for committing “such an offensive sin” as they called it, because the Gay Wives want the world to understand how hurt they are.

Let’s forget about homicides on gay couples that weren’t even solved because “they had it coming anyway” like claimed, because the Gay Wives really want the world to understand how hurt they are.

Let’s not bring to mind that homosexuality was the most hated nature because the Gay Wives really want the world to understand how hurt they are.

Let’s not commit to memory that homosexuality was never welcomed in slightest of welcomes because the Gay Wives really want the world to understand how hurt they are.

Let’s not consider that there are people out there trying to stand up for FAIR HOMOSEXUAL RIGHTS because the Gay Wives really want the world to understand how hurt they are.

Is anyone else getting this?!!!!!

Who can blame the closet cases for hooking up with the women rather than men? To me it looks like they were always FEARING FOR THEIR DAMN LIVES!! If twenty years ago being your gay self wasn’t punishable by law you wouldn’t have been sitting in this mess!

Twenty years later people become a little more open-minded towards the issue, what are you gonna do? Well of course you’re gonna jump out of the closet!!

YOU’RE BLAMING THE WRONG PEOPLE, LADIES!!! Your forefathers are the reason you dealt the agonizing discomfort.


Grow the hell up. You wanna convince every mind that you’re in pain while all along you were the one who enjoyed every night’s rest. You never had to face the questions… The feelings… The actual agony… The hatred… The discriminations… The brutal remarks… The cruel chase… The vicious executor… You think YOU know pain?

My thought for today: Many women out there have been dumped by ex boyfriends or husbands before. You didn’t see them run off to some magazine because they couldn’t deal with it.

Harlan Z. Maroni.

If you are deciding to admit your homosexuality to society this page might be of use to you.

The key importance of this subject is that you understand a few things.

1.  HOMOSEXUALITY IS NOT A VIRUS! You are NOT some deformed misshapen simply because you choose to express the assertive nature of a gay person.

2.  GOD STILL LOVES YOU!! So much that He still sent His Only Begotten Son to pay for your sins on the wooden cross, thousands of years ago while knowing that one day you will deal with these feelings.

3.  YOU ARE NOT ALONE. There are other people who deal with similar, if not the same questions and feelings you face.

4.  Thousands of gay people have admitted their homosexuality and they LIVE A HAPPY LIFE today!

5.  SUICIDE IS NEVER THE OPTION!!! If the gay man or woman were meant to commit suicide they wouldn’t have been born to begin with!!!

6.  WAIT FOR THE SILVER LINGING! Whatever the regard, this can be worked through!

From the start it is also important to understand this isn’t professional counseling or guidelines. THIS PAGE SIMPLY SERVES A FEW TIPS THAT MIGHT MAKE YOUR DECISION ON COMING OUT EASIER.

The blog on this page will discuss a few things you can bring to mind, if you choose, that might help you understand coming out better and also how to deal with the consequences of your decision.

The chief purpose of the page is to offer emotional support of any kind that may be needed. It is to answer questions that may be asked, to the best of ability. It should then help you decide whether it really is the right time to face a society that is aware of who you TRULY are.

This is not a decision that needs to be rushed. No matter what decision you turn to, appreciate the idea that society is becoming more open-minded towards the expression of a same sex love concern.

This page is running yet still under design.

This blog’s official website is expanding.

You can join as a member of the growing page. The page offers 2 own blogs open for public discussion as well as live forums. This feature is reserved for members only, cost-free registration.

The sub-page, Writer’s Blog, will enclose more snips of Feature Film Scripts in Gay Rights Activism that I’ve completed, only instead of script form it is published in novel form to fit the blogging screen.

Our Contact page can be contacted with matters close to the heart. This can be anything from either uncertain, unanswered questions or life changing stories relating or non-relating to the blog. With your written e-mailed permission these can be published on the blog and site if you wish.

At a later time the webpage will attach another sub-page regarding global Gay Rights Activism news. This page will serve as a home page enclosing external pages that link you to Gay News Websites across the world.

I look forward to your membership. Please KNOW THAT EACH MEMBERSHIP CARRIES GREAT IMPORTANCE TO ME!!!!!

Thank you all for all the interests, the likes, and the few followers that I already have!

Keep well and be safe.

Harlan Z. Maroni.

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Harlan Z. Maroni.

Queer Walk Website

Posted: November 4, 2012 in Queer Walk Website, This is Us, Vision

Queer Walk’s official Assertive Gay Rights Activism Website is now active. You can visit the page @

Please understand that it is still under design. The page will expand imaginatively.