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He’s beautiful… He’s still young… He has such a becoming personality… He’s always very generous with his compliments. I’m always so proud to introduce him as the most important man in my life…

He’s on the sofa… Next to me… He’s asleep… So peaceful.

I hear his still, undisturbed breathing. I see his chest lightly bounce back after each breath it lies down.

His black hair glimmers in the light… His earring shimmers in the glow… It always looks so breathtaking when his hair waves down into his face…

His one leg is folded over the other as if lying on calm ocean waters… His hand is underneath his chin… And because he always knows what to say… Tomorrow… He will most probably tell me that he’s dreaming about me right now.

I would carry him to the bed… But he will wake anyway. And I know that when later… I say goodnight… It’s been a good day… All because he walked it at my side.

Behind every writer… Should be an extremely good reader. One to smile… And say “You’ve outdone yourself again love.”

I might not always have had the time of my life… But I have the lover of a lifetime. Because there is only one of him… There can’t be a better!

I consider words my biggest talent from Christ Jesus… Yet even words will never be able to explain just how much he means to me… And just how much more I devote to him with unconditional love.

You’re the other half of my world Juana… And for that reason I can call it whole.

I love you more than all the words I’ve expressed on paper.. Multiplied with all the words I’ve expressed on paper… Times all the words I’ve expressed on paper.