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I’m laughing my a§§ off as I’m writing this post. It seems bloggers that walk this globe with us really pi§§ themselves because gay marriages are actually being legalized in more countries.

So I was bored. I entertain a few minutes in reading opinions on same sex marriages. My, oh my, how these people wish we were stoned. I am extremely sarcastic when I say if bitterness could fight global warming we would’ve been living in another ice age today.

The minute I heard that same sex marriage will be legalized in my country I was astounded and at the same time assured of hope for better life for me. Finally my marriage will be recognized.

What always pi§§es me off the most is that people don’t just wanna stone us, they wanna stone us with Christ. As if He wasn’t treated brutal enough back on the cross they wanna toss Him around as if He actually fits in our hands and not we in his.

We always need to hear that it’s vicious to fall in the hands of A Living God, and yes, because the Bible encloses this quote, I believe it to be true. I’m just brought the wonder if these people are aware that we’ll all fall in the Same Pair of Hands.

Yes people! God isn’t gonna judge only me. He’s gonna judge ALL of us by ALL of OUR wrongdoings. This includes role play. [When I mention role play I’m referring to those who play Christ.]

Please, you person in poor knowledge of mankind tell me what earth looks from up above, at God’s right hand side. You must really feel flattered because you already walked the golden streets… Or because you already saw the flowers dancing to the music of the angel choirs. You must feel so special because you’re one of God’s favorites.

Wake up you ill piece of mind!

God doesn’t have favorites. Jesus didn’t think of only you when He was hammered to the wood! Christ didn’t become Man so that only you can live! He didn’t ask for our forgiveness so that only you can be pure!

In fact…

If you were without sin right from the start it wouldn’t even have been necessary for Jesus Christ to become the Son of Man because then you could’ve been crucified so all of us can be forgiven for aggressions and trespasses.

These people make it sound like it’s them we’re trespassing against. Everyone has become so caught up with the guidelines of the Bible that they’ve forgotten Who It’s actually about.

Remember that day Jesus was hanging on the cross? He shouted: “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

He wasn’t just talking about me, my fellow human. He was referring to you as well… Because He knew that someday, some where… Probably a lot you would screw up a great deal. Especially that day you wanna start judging.

I do love weddings. I do love same sex marriages. Especially mine!

My thought for today: “If a person wants to play Jesus Christ, he should be willing to stretch his arms on a wooden cross and pay for my sins, not judge them.”

Harlan Z. Maroni.