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Posted: January 6, 2013 in Homosexuality & The Bible, This is Us

In a previous post I’ve discussed Annalize, wife of the topic in this post.

A very few times I mention that I am okay with the idea that not everybody might like me or my sexual preference. I can live with the fact that not everyone may give a positive response to my choices, believes, assertive wants and needs. I might really not care about rude remarks or discriminating comments on my homosexual life. I am really open minded to other people’s opinions.


In times, like a recent visit to my cousin I learn that some people are just generally and universally ill in the mind… Like the pastor I’m referring to here.

Understand that I wrote an extremely ill-mannered post prior to this one. Then I decided that should I publish it, it would be aggressive rather than assertive. Thus the more polite post.

I thought people head off to Bible School to learn more about Jesus Christ and the miracles He brought to life on earth. Also to learn about His UNCONDITIONAL LOVE towards His followers while at the same time learning about how to be more Like Him.

It seems I was under the wrong impression.

Every day I understand better that the real reason some actually seek Biblical Education is so that they can see who can be God the best and who can sit on His throne the quickest.

I remind the reader that Pastor Ferdi is the pastor who actually preaches that “one can actually live without sin because he [Ferdi himself.] is without sin. And if he can be without sin everyone can be without sin.”

Now I’m really starting to misunderstand the entire crucifixion here. I was raised to believe that Christ was hammered to the cross for our sins. I never read Pastor Ferdi was hammered to the cross shouting “Father please forgive them for they know not what they do.” I never read Pastor Ferdi was hammered to the cross because I also learned that Christ Jesus of Nazareth was hammered to the cross BECAUSE HE IS THE ONLY BEING WITHOUT SIN!

I really am happy that Pastor Ferdi finds it possible to be without sin cause Heaven knows I try and I just can’t.

I’ve heard of many remarks Ferdi commented, in my eyes all extremely out of God’s order yet the one that brings me to this post is the thought… The actual audacity… The mindless intellect… The impolite… Unmannerly… Lack in civility… Without actual mature consideration… Half-taught pastor would go so far as to actually insult my talents, from the same God Who created him I add, by calling it a demonic doorway leading to a failed marriage!

My cousin and her ex husband consulted Ferdi to marry them. They mentioned that they asked me to play the march on her entrance into the chapel as well as perform a wedding song I wrote myself. He mentioned that if they allow me to perform this song their marriage will fail, end in divorce due to the reason that I am gay. Because I’m gay they open a doorway inviting demonic strongholds into their marriage.

Yes! Read up. I said “ex husband.”

Course I only found this out after they divorced. I’m supposed to feel like insulted now?

On the wedding the bastard is actually friendly and asks about my talents and how they’re doing. HE COULDN’T EVEN SAY IT TO MY FACE!!!

Whatever the reason for the separation I have a lot of mind to share with Ferdi oh yes I do.

Ferdi: I’m sure if you were a sixth day creation [Refering to the Biblical Creation in Genesis.] you would’ve thought like a human. You can call me what you want and insult my talents as much as you desire but guess what!! I know you can’t stand the idea but JESUS LOVES ME TOO!! I don’t know what you think you preach but to me it seems nothing more than worthless meaning for if you were an upright, factual, accurate, proper, genuine preacher close to God’s heart people wouldn’t have walked out of your church faster than they walk in. Neither would your church have suffered financial crisis! You are one of the reasons I believe in Christ for if there is ‘a you’ there must be A God! All you make people do is despise you and your wife. One day you preached that if there is one thing God cannot do it is tell a lie. So you taught me that He meant it when He said He will send you to hell if you judge a fellow human. So what? Talents are only from God if they’re the talents of a heterosexual? No. All talents are from God Ferdi. If you choose to insult mine you choose to insult the works of Christ. You choose to insult Christ Himself. Then you’re actually telling Him that He messed up. But who can blame you? After all you are trying to be His Father! I just don’t get how I know of the UNCONDITIONAL love of Christ by just reading my Bible and you still haven’t heard of it even after you’ve attended Bible School.

My thought for today is for you Ferdi: If you really desire to be God so much, you should be willing to offer one of your daughters on a wooden cross for my sins so that I can at least get a fair chance before you just sentence me off to hell.

Harlan Z. Maroni.


One night my mom attends prayer meeting in the local church. I add that this is the church where the kids in our family all grew up in. Off course due to many reasons I don’t visit this church anymore.

The pastor’s wife… First let me tell a little about the pastor’s wife. Understand that I’m not sharing these thoughts with mind set on gossip or any negative discussion.

She’s been the praise and worship leader since I can remember. For some unknown reason her microphone always had to be the loudest. Aren’t we glad that in God’s eyes it’s not about who can sing… And who can’t? Her three daughters always had to be in charge of the things suited for their ages.

I remember a time a man, who appeared to be homeless, entered the church during praise and worship. He was wearing dirty torn clothes. I recall that good ol’ pastor’s wife went to him, spoke a few words and he left. I’m still not sure what was said to him but I’m sure his appearance… Well there are many houses of God that don’t welcome these appearances.

Over the years I’ve grown a large amount of hatred towards this woman as she is one of the people I believe consider herself too perfect to be human. One always has to understand the impression that she doesn’t make mistakes… She doesn’t fall… She doesn’t have shortcomings. I mean her husband, head pastor, actually went so far as to announce that he doesn’t sin!!??!!??

Despite my hatred I’m still not showing personal aggression towards her. I mean shouldn’t one respect an anointed of God?

I do.

Up until he or she tries to be God.

So during that prayer meeting pastor’s wife announces that a very well known preacher from the United States is building another church on the premises. These premises will now offer two churches to the public. One where everyone will carry on like always, and the other where homosexual people in desiring need of Jesus Christ are welcome.

Pastor’s wife actually went so far as to tell the prayers: “Please pray that this doesn’t happen.”

Yes… ‘What’ was my first response as well.

I understand that she might believe she’s not allowed to approve of homosexuality. I understand that she might consider herself the right hand of God even though she will never be that perfect. I understand that she might consider herself the one that carried Jesus’ load on her shoulders back when he was hammered to the cross.

Yet: Annalize you oversized, extra-large, mammoth, mega, jumbo, huge, gigantic, massively immense, colossal, enormous, gargantuan, anything but tiny bitch, how the fu¢k and in the Name of your God can you pray that He actually shuts the doors of his Home in the faces of those he desires repenting to Him?

Has it ever occurred that your prayers aren’t the only answered ones?

You’re supposed to be the Sheppard of those who crawl to the church’s doors. You’re supposed to be the guider of those who want to know God. You’re supposed to be the leader of those who wish to worship Christ Jesus. You’re supposed to be a fisherman!

Instead you’ll find a fu¢king way to drown the fish, throw gas on the water and set it on fire. Oh you just wanna make sure that those you despise can’t come to Jesus. Aren’t you glad you’re the one He entrusted with the check list at the pearly gates where you yourself will open the gates to those you believe belong in Heaven and show away the ones you can’t stand.

I don’t know what you mean to Christ. Yet to me you are nothing but a overgrown hormonal imbalance.

You make it sound like Christ didn’t even create us.

May it be so that each time you hear about a gay suicide in the past you start eating away at yourself. Don’t worry you’ll be up soon because there’s more than enough of you to feed the entire ocean!

Fellow gay… There are many times I hear of someone who stares into the eyes of sadness because of all the judgment… The remarks… The teasing… The hard journey… Often I hear of someone who doesn’t wish to face another hour only because there have been better days.

Please… Please… Please! Do not let people like the one I despise in this post convince you that you’re fake, unnatural, doomed, already sentenced to hell or unloved. Always remember that God doesn’t have ‘human favorites’ and therefore Jesus Christ took the nails for all of us. SO! IF HE DIDN’T LOVE ME HE WOULDN’T HAVE PAID FOR MY SINS!!!!!

I really hope, Annalize, that one day God doesn’t shut the doors of Heaven in your face because you chose to shut the doors of your church in mine. I don’t know the Grace Christ will show me when one day I stand in front of Him. Yet I pray that He will show you the same mercy He shows me. If you choose to pray that it will be none, then I guess we’ll burn in hell together you nasty bitch!

My thought for today: “In the Bible Jesus told his disciples to be fishermen of men. He NEVER told them to clean the fish. HE will do it HIMSELF in HIS WAY at HIS TIME. Come to God AS YOU ARE! NOT THE WAY ANNALIZE PREFERS YOU!”

 Harlan Z. Maroni.

I’m laughing my a§§ off as I’m writing this post. It seems bloggers that walk this globe with us really pi§§ themselves because gay marriages are actually being legalized in more countries.

So I was bored. I entertain a few minutes in reading opinions on same sex marriages. My, oh my, how these people wish we were stoned. I am extremely sarcastic when I say if bitterness could fight global warming we would’ve been living in another ice age today.

The minute I heard that same sex marriage will be legalized in my country I was astounded and at the same time assured of hope for better life for me. Finally my marriage will be recognized.

What always pi§§es me off the most is that people don’t just wanna stone us, they wanna stone us with Christ. As if He wasn’t treated brutal enough back on the cross they wanna toss Him around as if He actually fits in our hands and not we in his.

We always need to hear that it’s vicious to fall in the hands of A Living God, and yes, because the Bible encloses this quote, I believe it to be true. I’m just brought the wonder if these people are aware that we’ll all fall in the Same Pair of Hands.

Yes people! God isn’t gonna judge only me. He’s gonna judge ALL of us by ALL of OUR wrongdoings. This includes role play. [When I mention role play I’m referring to those who play Christ.]

Please, you person in poor knowledge of mankind tell me what earth looks from up above, at God’s right hand side. You must really feel flattered because you already walked the golden streets… Or because you already saw the flowers dancing to the music of the angel choirs. You must feel so special because you’re one of God’s favorites.

Wake up you ill piece of mind!

God doesn’t have favorites. Jesus didn’t think of only you when He was hammered to the wood! Christ didn’t become Man so that only you can live! He didn’t ask for our forgiveness so that only you can be pure!

In fact…

If you were without sin right from the start it wouldn’t even have been necessary for Jesus Christ to become the Son of Man because then you could’ve been crucified so all of us can be forgiven for aggressions and trespasses.

These people make it sound like it’s them we’re trespassing against. Everyone has become so caught up with the guidelines of the Bible that they’ve forgotten Who It’s actually about.

Remember that day Jesus was hanging on the cross? He shouted: “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

He wasn’t just talking about me, my fellow human. He was referring to you as well… Because He knew that someday, some where… Probably a lot you would screw up a great deal. Especially that day you wanna start judging.

I do love weddings. I do love same sex marriages. Especially mine!

My thought for today: “If a person wants to play Jesus Christ, he should be willing to stretch his arms on a wooden cross and pay for my sins, not judge them.”

Harlan Z. Maroni.