I am okay with the idea that not everybody might like me or my sexual preference. I can live with the fact that not everyone may give a positive response to my choices, believes, assertive wants and needs. I might really not care about rude remarks or discriminating comments on my homosexual life. I am really open minded to other people’s opinions… YET… I can’t seem to enjoy chewing on the fact that people compare the gay person to dogs… Beasts… Diseases… Some incurable infectious syndrome that should be retained in quarantine while all of us were really created by the Same God sitting in the same throne He sat in back when we were brought to life with the Same Son at his Right Hand.

I am not aware of any gay rights activist who really tries fighting for fair homo-rights. I know of homosexuals who almost enjoy listening to the discriminating responses on our choices. Gay rights activism producers and writers produce productions about adultery summers and vacations and convince people that homosexuality is really all about lust and not love.

When the sun sets I am brought to the question: Are we ever gonna do more for ourselves? Are we ever gonna convince the world that we’re as normal as any heterosexual? Are we ever gonna get people to stop discriminating us? Are we ever gonna stop parents from murdering their sons and daughters only because of a ‘so called scandalous’ love affair with the same sex? Are we ever gonna bring an end to all the teenage suicides because they’re too afraid to come out to a parent… Or even face society?

Yes we are! Right here on Queer’s Fight.

Queer Walk & Talk will provide you with assertive opinion on the Gay Right. It will respond to any question it can answer and offer emotional support to anyone who might be in need.

If the homosexual were meant to commit suicide we wouldn’t have been born to begin with.

Follow our official website.


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