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Posted: January 9, 2013 in Queer Walk Website, Vision

If you are deciding to admit your homosexuality to society this page might be of use to you.

The key importance of this subject is that you understand a few things.

1.  HOMOSEXUALITY IS NOT A VIRUS! You are NOT some deformed misshapen simply because you choose to express the assertive nature of a gay person.

2.  GOD STILL LOVES YOU!! So much that He still sent His Only Begotten Son to pay for your sins on the wooden cross, thousands of years ago while knowing that one day you will deal with these feelings.

3.  YOU ARE NOT ALONE. There are other people who deal with similar, if not the same questions and feelings you face.

4.  Thousands of gay people have admitted their homosexuality and they LIVE A HAPPY LIFE today!

5.  SUICIDE IS NEVER THE OPTION!!! If the gay man or woman were meant to commit suicide they wouldn’t have been born to begin with!!!

6.  WAIT FOR THE SILVER LINGING! Whatever the regard, this can be worked through!

From the start it is also important to understand this isn’t professional counseling or guidelines. THIS PAGE SIMPLY SERVES A FEW TIPS THAT MIGHT MAKE YOUR DECISION ON COMING OUT EASIER.

The blog on this page will discuss a few things you can bring to mind, if you choose, that might help you understand coming out better and also how to deal with the consequences of your decision.

The chief purpose of the page is to offer emotional support of any kind that may be needed. It is to answer questions that may be asked, to the best of ability. It should then help you decide whether it really is the right time to face a society that is aware of who you TRULY are.

This is not a decision that needs to be rushed. No matter what decision you turn to, appreciate the idea that society is becoming more open-minded towards the expression of a same sex love concern.

This page is running yet still under design.


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