Queer Walk & Talk Website Expanding

Posted: January 8, 2013 in Queer Walk Website, Vision

This blog’s official website is expanding.

You can join as a member of the growing page. The page offers 2 own blogs open for public discussion as well as live forums. This feature is reserved for members only, cost-free registration.

The sub-page, Writer’s Blog, will enclose more snips of Feature Film Scripts in Gay Rights Activism that I’ve completed, only instead of script form it is published in novel form to fit the blogging screen.

Our Contact page can be contacted with matters close to the heart. This can be anything from either uncertain, unanswered questions or life changing stories relating or non-relating to the blog. With your written e-mailed permission these can be published on the blog and site if you wish.

At a later time the webpage will attach another sub-page regarding global Gay Rights Activism news. This page will serve as a home page enclosing external pages that link you to Gay News Websites across the world.

I look forward to your membership. Please KNOW THAT EACH MEMBERSHIP CARRIES GREAT IMPORTANCE TO ME!!!!!

Thank you all for all the interests, the likes, and the few followers that I already have!

Keep well and be safe.

Harlan Z. Maroni.


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