In the month of breast cancer

Posted: October 30, 2012 in This is Us

As we come closer to the end of October I wonder what the month of breast cancer is actually all about.

Since I became aware that this month serves a positive attitude towards cancer I understood that campaigners take part in walks in honor of the fight against cancer. Glasses are raised for those who overcame the struggle. Funds are raised for improved research to bring a hopeful end to this big battle.

I was at a very young age when my grandmother passed away after falling into the diagnosis’s hands. I wasn’t all that part in the sadness those who walked at her side shared. I remember standing aside her coffin as it was lowered. My stepfather told me to drop the petals on the coffin and greet her one last time. I guess the only thing I was sure of was that I will never see her again in this lifetime.

Understanding, today, what cancer is all about I feel that some people really walk extra miles to turn this suffering into a precious and encouraging walk to cancer-freedom ensuring people that tomorrow can be faced and more importantly, conquered.

After attending some events against cancer I noticed that it isn’t the hope for complete cure that brings a smile to the faces of hostesses. It wasn’t a large amount of people who came together for a march that had everyone in ecstasy. It wasn’t the raised glasses… Or the raised voices yelling hopeful expressions… But with a comment such as “bring the money to us” I learned that it was rather the raised funds that have campaigners dance.

It really isn’t any of my business how the funds are handled. I just wish to express that it would be extremely morally wrong, depraved and corrupt to take someone’s money with the promise of a life changing trade and then actually run off with the sum to buy that new pair of shoes she’s been waiting for all this time.

It’s almost the same as those who stand at intersections asking for money because they claim they’re blind and later… When nobody’s looking they count the money with their own eyes.

This post really doesn’t serve as aggression to anyone who might make fools of people while hiding behind a campaign.

Today we have campaigns of all kinds. We have worldwide aids day. We have the fights against hunger and poverty. We have those who devote to the freedom of abused and misused women and children. We have the walks against elderly disabilities. Heck in my country we have had so many protests over the last periods of time I don’t even know what they all stand for anymore.

I just wish I could understand why I am not aware of any campaigns against the physical and emotional abuse on a gay man, a gay woman or a gay teenager. Why don’t I know of any devoted fighter who wants to bring an end to all the murders on a homosexual being? Keep in mind that the reason for the murder was his or her sexuality. If someone was to reason that he doesn’t like a person with a physical disease he can just shoot the person to death, it would be wrong.

But let’s not care about the gay who was run over by a car because the driver saw him kissing another man. Let’s not worry about the gay whose intellect was scraped off of the lounge’s walls because a father cold bloodily ripped out the pistol. Let’s not be concerned about the gay who was stabbed so brutally we don’t even know where to start looking for all of his insides on this dark road. It must be here somewhere though. Let’s not even bother cutting the rope that hangs teenager from the roof. He made the easier choice. He had it coming anyway as he was about to admit his homosexuality to his father. Let’s just not give a damn at all. Animals of strange species should be kept in laboratories where we can perform research on the strange behavioral mindsets and sexual preferences. No need to worry about fundraising for these… We can just wait until one day we might have pennies lying around that we can waste.

Does anyone understand my reason?

Women, in some cases even men, who face breast cancer can put on a television and see an ad that tells them where they can look for help.

A person who supports a parent with Alzheimer can drive to work and hear an ad on the radio that will guide their way to a support group.

People with drunken habits, misuse of drugs and smokers who desire to quit can attend AA meetings.

People can attend a fancy dress ball where the speaker will have so much advice on HIV Aids, and how to live the disease, or someone who has been diagnosed with the disease that afterwards the guests would know so much it would be as if they attended medical school.

But what about the man who doesn’t wish to face another day because it’s been a while without the father that disinherited him?

What about the woman who can’t stop crying anymore because her mother refuses to talk to her?

What about the teenager who wakes up, lies on his bed the whole day staring at the ceiling? Wondering… How he will admit his homosexuality to his parents… But in the end… Enters the bathroom and takes out the razor.

What about the teenager who refuses to go to school because he’s tired of coming home with bruises?

Where do all of these go? Where will they read about support? Where will they bump into some add on a lamppost? What television channel will assure them of a better tomorrow? Of a positive attitude towards homosexuality? Of a fight against physical and emotional abuse? Of glasses that are raised for those who overcame the struggle of being trapped in a closet? Funds that are raised to build homes for those who are no longer welcome in their own? That people walk extra miles to turn this suffering into a precious and encouraging walk to homo-freedom ensuring people that tomorrow can be faced and more importantly, conquered?

My thought for today: “People that consider homosexuality a disease should be willing to campaign for a better tomorrow for those who were diagnosed with it!”

Harlan Z. Maroni


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