Gay man’s paradise

Posted: October 30, 2012 in This is Us

What is it about a gay image consultant that just sweeps a woman off of her feet?

So I’m sitting here in gay man’s paradise on October 29, 2012. It’s a top to toe fashion show in a lodge with endless Niles of waters beautiful evening lights that guide your way to your seat. I am surrounded by such an amount of flowers and so I am sure that it’s not perfume I smell. This is nature in one of its most beautiful forms.

From outside I see hair that touches the roof of the rooms entered. Make up is done so extremely well if it were to appear on a screen it would tell a story the best animated artist never could.

Music makes me wish that it was Friday all over again. There are dancing DJ’s holding headphones to the ear with one hand while expressing the rhythms in their dancing moves… Smiling. There are live bands and lights by the many colors.

Picture the guests in formal dress. See the waiters serving them with those shiny round platters. Hear the sparkling wine that almost fill the glasses and for those single ones… Topless models covered in colorful body paint.

This happens an almost endless amount of times round about Pride month all over in South-Africa… And this time of year makes me remember just how exquisitely unique the gay man is.

While staring at the candlelight outside and listening to the jazz band I remember the number of occasions I would hear a woman say: “A gay man’s creativity is all the more originally acclaimed, recognized and respected.

By professional experience I should add from my side that I have learned to value the arts of a woman as there is the sum who expresses themselves very delicately and elegantly.

Still I enjoy this compliment towards the gay man whenever mentioned because it reminds me that behind all the sarcastic rude behavior towards the homosexual we are here with great creative purpose and without us the world would stand completely still.

This is the reason why you would often hear a gay man talk to himself because all of us know that sometimes all of us need counsel from a skilled, professional connoisseur.

Being an consultant in beauty myself I enjoy listening to the women that remind my mother how lucky they consider her to have a homosexual son who can make her more beautiful whenever mother and son feel like playing.

I would always consider my mother my most important, most considerate, most generous and most significantly also my most beautiful client. She has a son who can tell her how beautiful she is and also an older son who can show her how beautiful she is.

My reason for this post is this: A gay man might wake up to a day he isn’t looking forward to. He might get into a car he doesn’t really feel like driving. If unhappy in his career he might head off to a profession he doesn’t feel practicing. On his way to work he might think of an argument with his parent about his sexuality he doesn’t really wish to remember. He might come home to an empty apartment without the friends who chose not to support and respect his choice to love the same sex.


Whenever the sun sets and evening lights come out… Whenever the day makes way for the night. Whenever the doors of work close so that the doors of entertainment can open… Whenever the desk makes way for a mixer… Whenever a reception stands aside for a dance floor… Whenever the office allows the ramp to step up… He knows that he created this evening everyone else marries tonight!

My thought for today: “If the gay weren’t there to walk the day… The straight wouldn’t have been all that able to paint the night.”

Harlan Z. Maroni.


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