Homosexuality & Rapists

Posted: October 28, 2012 in This is Us

Over the years I was brought to a proper understanding of the many things homosexuality has been compared with. In this time I realized that some people really hate us with every hair on their heads. God Alone will know how much that is.

One day mom told me she read: “I wish gay people can be punished the same way rapists are punished.”

This was a comment made by a woman after her son admitted his homosexuality towards her.

Now I knew we were despised. I just didn’t know we were despised as much as rapists are.

Some people would call a sexual offender a person with the needs of an animal. It really is a sickening offence.

I’m sure we don’t even need to refer to the dictionary to have a proper understanding on the word rapist.

Rapist: A sexual offender who commits in a sexual act with another against the second party’s own free will.

Homosexual: A lover of the same sex.

I can’t seem to understand just how these two can be considered one or the same offence. A rapist really should be retained in a place of safety to prevent the offense towards women, in some cases even men, who can’t defend themselves at that particular moment.

A lover of the same sex is usually kept behind the desk of a fashion design firm or a hair, health and beauty studio where, all, these people do is really show the world what fashion trends should look like.

In no case whatsoever is anyone forced to visit these premises against free will.

When usually these people lock up the doors to their offices, away from the commercial scene all they usually do is visit gay night clubs or even day clubs, spas, each other [Note that this usually happens BY INVITATION], or just the local park.

I’m sure if we see same sex lovers holding hands, while laughing, this must be done with a proper understanding on the freedom of choice as we don’t hear anyone crying for help or shouting rape.

To understand an offensive mindset as well as a homosexual mindset, we should understand the psychiatry and psychology of life.

In many cases we hear a gay person say that he or she believes they were born homosexual. In some cases we believe that some people express a homosexual affair because of being hurt in a heterosexual affair. Some men believe that they were born with more feminine hormones than masculine hormones whereas some women believe they were born with more masculine hormones.

Whatever the case, in a conversation with a psychiatrist [This is the medical practitioner who usually studies 7 years or more to understand how the brain works] I learned that brain development determines an adult mindset.

There are two specific things that determine brain development. They are: Parental influence and Societal influence for instance a teacher and what she teacher her class.

The first few years of a brain is mostly developed by parental influence. If you support a football team chances are your parents supported that same team during the years you didn’t even understand what the game is about.

I really wish I could meet this woman to have a heart to heart talk with her.

Because I don’t know who she is I will take this chance to share with her what I have on my heart and hope that she might just read it even if by accident.

Lady: Please understand that my argument is non-aggressive because I really feel sorry for women who weren’t loved by their mothers as much as my mom loves me. What’s more is that they choose to marry a husband with the same kind of personality. Loneliness must really suck. You can’t hate your son for something I’m sure you taught him to be. You can’t raise your son as if he’s your daughter and when he wishes to love a man at an adult age, despise him for that. Remember that time you dressed him up in dresses and high heels? That was the day you also covered his face in makeup? You took some pictures because you thought it was all cute. I’m sure it was when he was about four years old… Yes. That day. That day made your son wonder whether he is a man… Or a woman. If you consider your child an offender on level of sexual offense then it means that somewhere, sometime, probably most of the time you screwed up in raising him… A lot! If he hates himself because of his sexual preference then I hope you feel better about yourself real soon because he probably got his low self-esteem from you as well. Your statement makes me wonder just why a homosexual person should be punished the same way a rapist should. Why did you specify rapist?

There is however an offence that will be punished the same way rapists are… It’s called a judgmental mind. And it will be sent to the SAME hell!

I’m just happy our laws aren’t governed by a person who makes such a statement. For all we know a person might have gotten life just for making his dogs pair.

Harlan Z. Maroni.


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