Homo public indecency

Posted: October 28, 2012 in This is Us

Not too recently I came to understand that fair homosexual rights are not lawfully respected in other countries as in South-Africa.

In South-Africa we have the old conservative folk that aren’t that much in agreement with a homosexual choice, yet as far as Constitutional Justice goes same sex marriages have been legally recognized by our constitution years ago. Also couples of same sex can adopt children through private or state welfare concerns. The constitution assures a homosexual citizen of South-Africa of fair rights in the legal eye.

Despite these laws the old conservative folk stick to its mindset of an anti-gay globe. Well… Each to his own I guess.

I was stunned to learn that in some countries gay men are hung by the neck from overhead-cranes… Almost… As if such a man doesn’t even earn a fair execution. They won’t even kill a gay man the same way they kill a straight man. As I understand, this happens without fair trial with death sentence. This execution is just performed… By public… We might as well refer to it as a legal murder.

In another country anyone caught making a remark on a woman who breastfeeds in public can be sued yet you can say to a gay person whatever you want… Call him or her whatever you like… At whatever age you might be. They can’t do a legal thing about it.

That’s fair?

Two men can’t hold hands in a park because it’s full of children but some woman can take out her breast and show it to the park full of children while having pick-nick. An exposed breast in a classroom is natural… It’s educational but two men holding hands in the mall is public indecency.

I can really understand why exposed female upper bodies will never be illegal because what man wouldn’t wanna se fifty different pairs on the same day? This just makes me wonder whether this breast-feeding law was legally recognized because of those innocent babies and their feeding needs with their feeding times… Or simply because the seats are parliament are filled with men… We’re now thinking of those hairy, bearded, greasy men with ill manners that are barely touched by their own wives because they have the needs of a pig.

I can really imagine the lot sitting there discussing why they should approve of public nudity… And as they laugh themselves to pieces the slime is running from their mouths… Because of the lustful conversations… And then they really wanna make it sound like they actually care for a baby and his or her feeding time.

I really don’t have a bitter mindset towards this. I simply wonder why these people would use the Bible and Its judgments on homosexuality as their reason while the Same Bible also says: One is NOT allowed to see the nudity of another unless married to him or her!

Breastfeeding mothers please understand that I am aware of a baby’s needs and also that breastfeeding is the most excellent supply of infant nutrition. Therefore I myself have no discriminating response to public breast feeding. I simply wish to know why in some countries one has constitutional rights up until he or she admits his or her homosexuality.

My thought for today: A sodomite isn’t just a homosexual being. It is also one filled with lust, wickedness, greed, hate, envy, murder, fighting, lying, bitterness, gossip. A sodomite is a doer of evil, hates of God. It’s someone that’s insolent, proud braggarts. It’s also someone that denies God, someone who doesn’t respect their parents. It’s an unfaithful person. One without natural love. It’s not just someone who practices these, but also anyone that approves of these. [Romans 1]

Harlan Z. Maroni.


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